PP Non Woven Spunbond

We have various grades of PP Non Woven Spunbond grades to match your usage requirement. Polypropylene material as opposed to Polyester nonwovens is a cost effective way to meet requirement that don't require higher specification and yet have stronger strength than the softer thermal bond nonwovens.
Nonwoven spunbond samples

Polypropylene nonwoven spunbond can be used for making reusable nonwoven bags, agricultural, packaging material such as protection furniture against abrasion, packaging bags for consumer goods such as shoes, handbags, pillow cases, gifts and souvenir trinkets. It can also be used for backing for furniture, mattresses, sofas and carpets.

Its strength and printability makes it a versatile material for a multitude of applications.

We have the following nonwoven spunbond grades available:

Weight gsm
(grams per m2)
Non Woven Color
15 gsmWhite
30 gsmWhite
50 gsmWhite, Black
70 gsmWhite, Black
90 gsmWhite, Black

If you are interested in any of the PP nonwoven spunbond above, do contact us to inquire about supplying materials for your needs.