Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh is used for reinforcement of substrate. The mesh is a regular woven pattern of fibreglass thread. When combined with other materials, it enhances the strength of the material by giving the material added strength.

Fiberglass mesh

Because of the mesh, it is also used in the creation filtration system such as water or air filter cartridges. The mesh allows the air or liquid to pass through while capturing impurities and particles. Usually the fibreglass mesh is used in tandem with other materials such as nonwovens, cotton and cloth to create multiple layers to capture various sizes of impurities.

Because of its good tensile strength, it is used for reinforcement for other substrate materials. For example the fiber glass mesh is commonly used with PVC to create mats. It can also be used with latex for reinforcement purposes. The ability to stand the high temperature during the curing process makes it an ideal material for reinforcement.

Other application includes high strength joints, roofing seams, deck seams, tile backing, quality repairs and patching, insulation and pipe wrap, damp proofing, and waterproofing, mosaics and various construction work applications.

Some of the benefits of using fiberglass mesh:

  • Ability to minimise distortion as the stress is spread out equally
  • Reinforcement of substrate and good for lamination as the material flows through the mesh
  • Heat resistance for substrate requiring ovening for curing process
  • Alkali resistance
  • Higher tensile strength and lighter weight comparing with other types of reinforcements such as cotton materials.
  • Fiberglass mesh will not rot and is mold, algae and mildew resistant

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