Chemical Material Suppliers

Synergy - effect greater than the sum of its parts

Soho Synergy is a chemical material suppliers providing industrial chemicals and industrial materials for manufacturing requirement for the various industries. The SME (Small Medium Enterprises) has need of essential products and services in order to ensure continuous production. To uphold and ensure the production process will proceed smoothly, we aim to provide industrial products logistically for the continuous running of the factory and manufacturing requirement.

In order to ensure good quality products, we have sought out suitable partners to supply goods that will meet your every production and manufacturing requirement. Products and material suppliers are sought out from our various business network located throughout the South-East Asia as well as Asia Pacific region to ensure products are readily available for your production needs.

With the rising manufacturing industry in Malaysia, we are poised to supply the necessary products to ensure your smooth production in this sector.

Look us out and contact us if you have any inquiry on any chemical material supplies and products and will see if it can match your usage requirement for your manufacturing and production needs.